Please note that Yurchef has not yet launched, beta testing only.
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About Yurchef

Being a working professional or a family, we get so stuck in our own cooking routine, making the same food choices day in and day out, that we miss the bigger picture. The world of cuisine has much more to offer then what we are used to eating on a daily basis. At Yurchef we host pop-up dining events that allow you to meet new and interesting people at some of Vancouver's best-kept secrets.

The concept is ideal for tourists and locals alike looking for a unique dining experience where they can meet new people from different cultures, network or even book a private event for a special occasion. We have created a specially designed checklist and a rating feature to ensure that all our home chefs’ standards exceed expectations and meals are made in safe environments. We also provide chefs with online content to help them ensure that they can manage marketing themselves, buying high-quality ingredients and ensuring correct meal portions, while still making a profit.

When we receive a new sign-up, we ensure that the chef’s kitchen requirements and environment are up to standard by doing home visits and ensuring they comply with Yurchef guidelines. Each chef is required to create their signature dishes in order to inspect meal preparation and the overall experience. When chefs meet the Yurchef quality control their profile becomes officially accepted in the Yurchef community and is awarded a verified badge.